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The Surfside Association is a community organization that represents the residents of Surfside, Nantucket.  The latest news and information about Surfside can be found here, along with links to the broader Nantucket community and events that happen on the island.

The Surfside Hotel

The Surfside Hotel collapsed November 8, 1899, ending a speculative venture on the south side of the island that was intended as a destination along the Nantucket railroad. As told by Mary Bergman in a blog post for Nantucket Preservation Trust, in the 1880s a developer named Lysander Flagg moved his existing Riverside Hotel, located in Rhode Island, to Nantucket, and renamed it the Surfside Hotel. Successful at first, the location’s reliance on the railroad proved its downfall— the railroad company had to close the south shore section of the track due to erosion in 1895, and since automobiles were then banned on Nantucket it was difficult for potential guests to get to the hotel. In 1896, the hotel sold at auction and sat derelict and empty before its partial collapse in a storm.







In 1901 what remained of the building and property was sold for $90. The Inquirer and Mirror noted at the time, “The Surfside Hotel is not open—except one end, very much so.”


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